Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Why Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Many organizations are faced with fluctuations or short lived peaks in their hiring needs, or don’t have the resources to handle staffing on their own. For them Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to retained or contingency recruitment models.

With the right RPO solutions provider, one who understands your business, you can fill gaps in your existing process/methods, reduce OPEX and risks, and be certain your targets and hiring volumes are met. Most importantly, your internal resources can remain focused on other vital initiatives.

Our RPO clients benefit from:

  • Cost savings – by outsourcing your recruitment function to Valbonne Consulting you no longer have to rely on external recruitment agencies, reducing your hiring costs by up typically between 60-75%.
  • Faster hiring – streamlined communication and perfect alignment with your internal existing teams your days-to-fill ratio will decrease up to 50% by using our RPO services.
  • Increased candidate retention – through our employer branding strategies, efficient onboarding and follow up systems, our RPO clients have improved their retention rates by 30%.

Valbonne Consulting, offers scalable, modular RPO solutions. With its massive high-technology talent pool we’re best situated to promote your organization in front of the right talent. We provide highly customized service levels —both on-site and off— to meet your specific needs. That includes tactical assessment to eliminate overlap and gap-analysis to ensure perfect coverage of all possible angles.

Mutual trust is essential when handing over part of your company’s recruitment process to an outside specialist. As your RPO partner, Valbonne Consulting establishes trust:

  • by transparent and clear SLAs and properly defining requirements and expectations beforehand,
  • by assimilating ourselves into your culture,
  • by working side by side with your teams and by bringing a fresh outsiders mindset to the table
  • by becoming an extension of your HR staff


The effectiveness of any RPO program is about the relationship between the provider and the company. An RPO program that increases the quality and speed of delivery, handles unanticipated high volume staffing needs, provides consistent tracking and compliance and helps to maintain a strong employment brand. It is not just a vendor service. It’s a true partnership that helps grow both companies and those involved with the program.