Telco Convergence

Widespread mobile phone penetration, innovations in smart devices (IoT/M2M), and the push towards Cloud Computing have all contributed to the increase of convergence of Information technology (IT) and Communication Technology (CT).

Multiple networks are converging with WiFi-Offloading, Heterogenous-Networks (HetNet), and others. This trend will continue as the combination of IP and optical technology drives down costs and improves user experience. We even see a renaissance of legacy technologies such as Infiniband in Cloud Computing, and Ethernet for in-vehicle networking.

As ICT convergence advances, embedded smart devices are opening up new opportunities in areas such as Telematics, Industrial Automation, Energy and our homes. Billions of connected devices will produce a massive surge in mobile and fixed network traffic which somehow needs to be accounted for in terms of cost and complexity, reliability and QoS.

What it means for the job market

From a hiring and human resources aspect this convergence is good news for skilled job seekers as it has become less important which industry they’re part of. Many professionals in R&D realize their skills are elastic fundamental building blocks and common denominator within many tech companies. Flexible specialists can move easily from IT to Telco or other domains.

We advise hiring managers to think beyond traditional silos and take advantage from this bigger pool of candidates during applicant sourcing. Sitting down with subject matter experts to figure out the which domains should be targeted during the sourcing campaign can open up new routes to attract talent from an unusual non-standard pool.


Whether it’s:

  • the Automotive industry leveraging the potential of LTE,
  • the Telecommunication industry jumping on the Agile development & DevOps bandwagon
  • the Energy industry embracing embedded connected sensor systems, M2M, Smart-Grids & SmartMeters
  • … <insert your industry here>

→ all of this creates massive challenges in network traffic management, data security & privacy, but also demand for a smarter Cloud Computing infrastructure and new opportunities for all industry domains.

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