Communication Technologies

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are looking for ways to transform their legacy technology and prepare their networks to meet the demand for the exponential increase of data passing through their pipes. Providers are being stimulated to transform themselves into a platform of opportunities harnessing Mobility, Big Data and Data Science, Social Media, Cloud Computing, and M2M. The digital transformation is helping the CSPs mitigate the challenges of shrinking product lifecycles, customer engagement and high churn rates.

Valbonne Consulting enables CSPs and Network Equipment Providers (NEPs) to optimize existing technology infrastructure investments and leverage new technologies without risk. We consolidate network technologies, add elasticity and reduce complexity, improve your KPIs, provide deep technical vendor-agnostic know-how into Multi-Vendor-Network-Equipment (MVNE) and 3GPP standards.

Our experts can support you with a variety of functions (from R&D all the way to Service Delivery) and across the whole network technology stack, starting at the User-Equipment (UE), Air-Interface, RAN, Backhaul to your Core-Network (PS & CS) and out again at the other end.

We are deeply familiar with upcoming trends on the control+data plane such as SDN/NFV, as well as cutting edge topics on the RAN (LTE Carrier Aggregation, LTE Public Safety, WiFi Offloading, HetNets, and different MIMO Antenna-Technologies).