A technological revolution is under way due to the latest innovations in M2M technologies. Among many other things, M2M (aka Internet of Things) allows vehicles to interact with each other and their environment. The infrastructure and vehicles become increasingly connected and “smarter” and rely more on software than ever before. Soon we might be able to fix our car via a simple firmware patch applied from the dealer “over-the-air” (OTA) without ever visiting them.

Where we park might be tracked in the cloud, and when we drive off, our space will be suggested to another driver in close proximity. Insurance companies are going to become interested in the logs/data produced just before an accident and may offer different tarifs based on how much insight we allow them into our private data. These are just a few scenarios of what engineers are already working on today. These fundamental changes are forcing OEM’s with roots in mechanical engineering, to either turn themselves into actual Software and IT businesses or give it to tier-1 specialist suppliers. The future of automotive will see even more demand for telecommunications, software and test engineers, IT experts and even (Big)Data Analysts.

Whether software engineer, requirement manager, consultant or tester, Valbonne Consulting supports you with specialists from all links in the value chain. We focus mainly on clients in tier-1 and tier-2 market segments and deliver specialists and solutions around these topics:

  • Infotainment, Navigation, HUD, Audio/Radio, USB, Bluetooth
  • Telematics (Vehicle-/Trailer-/Container- Tracking, Fleet-Management), Intelligent Vehicle Technologies
  • Diagnostics & Tools, Analysis, Simulation & Testing
  • ECU Development, Testing & Calibration
  • CAN, LIN, Flexray, IP/Ethernet, J1708
  • Automotive Cloud
  • Automotive Software Platforms, Technology Stacks & Standards
  • Autosar, COQOS, GENIVI, OSEK, VAG-COM, Intelligent Car Initiative
  • Development of Hardware, Firmware & Embedded Software
  • Requirement Engineering
  • Project & Program Management