Secure Communication Technologies built on Open Standards

We deliver the pipelines, know-how and infrastructure and security for data-driven applications. Global expertise in Information and Communication Technologies. Agile Infrastructure Automation, Future Networks, Decentralised and Distributed Computing for Enterprise & Carriers. We work with innovators exclusively.


We keep an eye on the future via active participation in technical standardisation such as W3C, IETF, ETSI and via university research collaborations. Our clients are global R&D heavyweights and innovative start-ups bound to disrupt the market with something exciting. Our researchers provide feasibility studies, system simulation, early design, proof of concepts (PofC), requirement and feature specification.


Communication Technologies (CT) have traditionally been the realm of Network Equipment Vendors and Operators, but are quickly becoming central to all tech-domains. Industries such as Automotive (Connected Car), Energy (Smart-Grid), Embedded (Internet of Things), all share a common interest and strive to propel their products and services into a connected future.

At Valbonne Consulting we study emerging engineering concepts. Especially in the area of distributed, decentralised computing, such as P2P and Blockchain technologies, and how these can be applied to build privacy conscious high-security solutions for the Internet of Things and M2M communication.

Open Source

Do you need proof that your software does what it says it does? There are 2 options: 1) blindly trust the vendor, or 2) don’t take chances and use Free Open Source Software (FOSS). Especially in safety or security critical applications, transparency and auditability are the cornerstone of reliability.